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What is Tenniquoits?
In the early years of the last century a game called Decktennis (Deck Tennis) has been played at the sports deck of big ocean liners. At that time Decktennis has been played with a ring made of rope. This game is the origin of the now international competitive sport Tenniquoits, which is also known as Ringtennis (Ring Tennis) or Tennikoit (Tenni-Koit). The basic goal of Tenniquoits is to throw a ring* of solid rubber with one hand over a net into the opposing half of the court in such a way, that the ring hits the ground or the opponent is unable to catch, control or return the ring. (*The ring, authorized by the World Tenniquoits Federation, must have a weight between 190 and 220 grams, an inner diameter between 11 and 12 cm, an outer diameter between 17 and 18cm and a thickness of 3cm.  The thickness is allowed to vary plus or minus 0.5 cm.)

While the continuous alternation of throw and catch of the ring during a match takes place, the players of Tenniquoits combine a variety of different techniques to shoot and types of defensive and offensive shots with a skillful manner to catch a receiving ring with one hand.

To present an attractive, fast and sportsmanlike match, all actions of the players have to be executed in fluid motions without unacceptable delays during the process from the receiving to the delivery of the ring. Each game is 20 minutes long, 10 minutes per side.  The game is managed by a referee.  The player/players with the highest score at the end of the 20 minutes are the winners of the game.  Games can be played as singles, doubles or mixed doubles. Only in a few countries Decktennis developed into the competitive sport Tenniquoits with yearly national championships. This was the case in Germany (1929), South Africa (1960) and India (1960).

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